In celebration of the unique vision of architect Paolo Soleri and the philosophy behind Arcosanti, we’ve created a capsule of timeless pieces dyed to exactly match the landscape of the experimental town.

This year, Gross has been invited to partner with Form Arcosanti to run the festival’s general store and present our vision of the future of fashion: a factoryto- consumer business model where day-to-day basics are made ethically by being stocked blank and ready to dye in the widest range of colors offered in the fashion industry.


To accomplish this, we’ve developed a reactive manufacturing model that allows us to cut, sew and dye our clothes in-house and on-demand. With everything under one roof at our Los Angeles facility, we’re ready with the bodies—you choose the color, we dye it.

This is how it works.

  • Gross
    Dyed, Tested and True.
  • 1

    Body is made in South Cenral LA.

  • 2

    Body is stocked in PFD—Prepared For Dye— a special proprietary cotton fabric optimized for dyeing.

  • 3

    Choose your Gross color—we have the ability to dye 144 different colors.

  • 4

    Body is sent to dye.

  • 5

    Garment is sent from the dyehouse to your doorstep.

Being a sustainable manufacturer in Los Angeles, our partnership with Form seemed obvious. Driven by equal parts art, expression and sustainability, we think our ethos matches perfectly with the arcological philosophy behind the festival and the community of Arcosanti.

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